CSQ 2018-2021


Messina Energia Srl Unipersonale

IQNET 2018-2021


Messina Energia Srl Unipersonale

ENEL homologations

  • 24kV Prefabricated equipment with metal clad arc-proof with IMS isolated in SF6 - DY803;
  • MV switchboards for compact primary substations 24kV 1600A 16kA;
  • MV switchboards for primary substations 24kV 2500A 16kA;
  • Primary substations with MV and LV section in container 40”– DY770.

ENEL qualifications

  • Prefabricated equipment with metal enclosed for medium voltage networks;
  • LV switchboards for secondary substations;
  • MV switchboards for primary substations;